Jumo Game Series

Jumo Game Series is an educational mobile game project to improve the vocabulary and pronunciation levels of kids between age 6-11


ITU-Camapoli Game Based Education Project

Camapoli was developed by Unity3D game engine, main purpose of this project is improving echological knowledge of high school students in Turkey.


Toybox Mobile Games

Toybox is a well known gum brand with toys, until the year 2018 Toybox can be reachable via Desktop devices, during these project we designed 5 mobile games and a launcher for Android and IOS platforms.


Mondelez International-The Game for 6 Steps of A Call

This project is a game based educational platform with advanced reporting modules, the main purpose of the project is to teach 6 steps of a sales to Mondelez International's sales teams.


Hoverland - Ed Games Platform

HoverLand is a low poly 3D game environment which is designed based on Math exercises for grades 1-4 Hoverland prototype is used as a base in a BAP project at Bilgi University and developed further with min games by the students and published in 2020.


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